About Me

I am a computer and software trainer with several years experience working in Edinburgh with people of all abilities and at various stages of their learning, from experienced employees in small businesses to beginners at home. I have particular interest in training clients and learners in computer software which will be useful for them.

I enjoy teaching on a one-to-one basis because I can give one-hundred-percent attention to the learner/client and the topic in hand. I also have experience of teaching small groups in various locations in Edinburgh such as at work and in libraries.

I am now in my nineteenth year offering computer support and training.

Many of the people I have worked with have said that I am easy to get on with, I’m adaptable to just about any teaching situation and I have bags of patience. I never pre-judge, and always encourage my clients/learners to feel confident about what they’re doing. We all learn at a different pace, and one-to-one allows you to do just that.

Have a look at my Reviews page for a set of recommendations.

I have worked for many years with people with disabilities encouraging them to get the most out of their computers by using the accessibility features in Windows and specific assistive technologies. I have an Enhanced Disclosure certificate for working children and vulnerable adults.

Give me a call on 0131 554 5735 for a chat or send me an email.