Reviews and Recent Projects

Here is a selection of comments and reviews by individual clients and learners who took up computer training with me in Edinburgh and the Lothians and well as recent group training projects:

Customer Reviews
If you are looking for a Trainer with an abundance of patience and who is non-condescending, no matter what your level of compency with computers might be, you will not be disappointed in Bob. A brilliant teacher.” (June S – Edinburgh)

“Bob helped me develop my limited computer skills in exactly the areas that I required. He is very professional in his approach and a delight to work with.” (Nicholas H – Edinburgh)

Bob exceeded my expectations. I had a list of things that I was unsure about and was delighted by Bob’s thoroughly human and down to earth approach. He really listened to me, so i felt that our sessions were really about me and my needs. There were no set lessons so we didn’t cover anything I already knew. He had a great way of explaining things, and used language I understood. He was humorous and not one bit patronizing. I felt very comfortable in his company. I think teaching isn’t so much about what one knows (though his knowledge was extensive) as about being able to impart an approach to learning and problem solving that lasts long after the lesson is over. Bob gave me the confidence to explore my computer. Really good value!” (Sam M – Edinburgh)

“Bob tuned-in readily to the challenge of my ways, alleviated initial intimidation of programme which lay ahead. In turn, this secured my cumulative adjusting, learning curve(s) and confidence towards ultimate administrative capability of a spreadsheet project and day to day usage of Word facility tailored to my needs. Overall, consider myself to have been fortunate in encountering Bob because of his wealth of experience, his personal style, relaxing manner and forbearance capacity.” (Iain G – Gilchrist)

“Initially when I met with Bob we discussed the areas in which I needed instruction. He always arrived punctually for my lessons, was well prepared and covered the required topics in a pleasant business-like manner.  Notes on each session were presented to me filed in a binder. I felt that I benefited greatly from having his one-to-one instruction which was geared specifically to my needs.” (Janet B – Edinburgh)

“My trainer is excellent. He has enabled me to apply my new found knowledge to my work situation and I have received promotion as a result. I can’t describe how patient he is and how much I have benefited as a result of his skill.”  (Shonagh T – Midlothian)

“I enjoyed my lessons enormously. Mr Orr was very professional; the lessons were clear and his comments encouraging. I would have no hesitation in recommending the service.” (Janet J – Edinburgh)

“The personal one to one training was particularly beneficial as any problems could be addressed straight away. The course was designed very well around my needs and use of the computer. The tutor was very helpful and understanding if a problem area was discussed again. The downside was the lessons went too quickly.” (Tanya T – Edinburgh)

All these recommendations are held on file by me.

Recent projects
Worked with Edinburgh International Festival Society’s Creative Learning Project. Designed and built a database using Microsoft Access to facilitate data entry and retrieval by the project team which was being handled in various spreadsheets. The work took eight weeks and was delivered on time at the end of March 2016. Support for the database users is ongoing for six months.

Training staff at Port of Leith Housing Association on Microsoft Excel at SQCF Levels 3 and 4. Excel training was the most sought-after request in staff members’ career development reviews for 2013. The project was over several weeks ending in January 2014.

Training staff at Rape Crisis Scotland in Glasgow, on group communications using Skype and TitanPad to help them achieve their goal of holding voice conferences with Rape Crisis centres around Scotland and counterparts in NHS Scotland. Half-day session in February 2014.

Worked with the Membership Secretary of the Edinburgh Members’ Centre of the National Trust for Scotland. Designed and built a database using Microsoft Access which handles membership status, payments and label printing. I took over the running of the database as a volunteer in 2009 until 2017.

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