Are you sitting comfortably?

BBC’s Click, which I watch regularly for its features and news items, this week talked about strain injuries from using mobile devices. Have a look at the clip but don’t expect it to be there seven days after this was posted. There is an interview with a woman who spent her journey times into work catching up on her emails using her smartphone and spent so much time on them that she landed up permanently damaging her thumbs. An extreme example – but it sounds very painful and for any of you who have suffered from repetitive strain injuries, they can be very debilitating.

The increased use of smartphones and tablet, means that we are ignoring the standard advice on sitting postures and work station arrangements which are designed to reduce the possibility of long term damage. Have a look at this very helpful clip from the NHS.

Using a mobile devices means we can sit on a comfy sofa and answer our emails, or even stand a bus and text. So it’s very important to find a position where you are comfortable, your back is supported (having your feet flat on the ground helps here) and most importantly your neck isn’t always bent forward.

And don’t forget, just because the clips are about situations at work, that they don’t apply to you at home. Have a look at this video for some ideas about how to sit when using a laptop.

This video is courtesy of Vodafone. I found it on YouTube. If you can’t see the video as part of the post, click on this link

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