Offering you computer and IT support for whatever problem you have in Edinburgh:

When things go wrong
Computer problems are common to many users, they can be persistent and they can be very annoying. Give me a call on 0131 554 5735 or send me an email and we can discuss what’s gone wrong.

Online support
You can book an online meeting when I can help you directly with your problem.

Looking for a bit of help?
Can’t remember how to do something?┬áIf you’re a client/learner of mine and you think I can answer you quickly give me a call on 0131 554 5735 or send me an email.

Digital Unite have a range of learning guides covering just about any topic you can think of. Give them a go if you’re stuck with something.

And finally, you can book one-off sessions with me. The cost depends on whether you’re learning at home or you need some support at work. Give me a ring on 0131 554 5735 or send me an an email.