Beyond Beginner’s Course

You’ve been using a computer for a while but haven’t really gone beyond email and some basic use of the internet. There’s so much more you want to know. Here are some topics to take you beyond the basics. Some of them you might already know others you’ll love to use:

– Using a contacts list so you don’t have to remember people’s email addresses
– Sending an email to a group of people
– Changing the way emails look
– Adding a signature to an email
– Stopping unwanted emails
– Handling spam
– Making a web mail account the default account
– Any other topic you’d like to include

– Handling bookmarks/favourites
– Browsing with tabs including Home tabs and tab groups
– Exploring add-ons such as a translator, a screen reader
– Printing just what you want from a webpage
– Sharing the webpage with others
– Exploring other browsers and deciding on a default browser
– Any other topic you’d like to include

All my courses are open to anyone with a minimum of computer experience. The content and length of the course can be varied to suit you and runs up to 3 sessions of 90 minutes each. All sessions are conducted one-to-one on your own computer at home.

  • You must have your own equipment and an internet connection.
  • The course runs up to three session. Each session lasts 90 minutes.
  • The whole course costs £120. Each session costs £40.00 and you can pay at the end of each session.
  • You can opt to do only one or two sessions if you like.

Before we start, depending on how many sessions you want to take, I will assess your experience and decide if your computer is suitable. This service is free of charge.

Call me on 0131 554 5735 for a chat or send me an email. Take me back to the other courses I can learn at home.