Filling in the Gaps

Bob Orr Training offers one-to-one tuition on your own computer at home in Edinburgh. This page give details of just one of the many courses available from Bob Orr Training.

Filling in the Gaps
This course is aimed at people who are self-taught and know so much, but know there is so much more to know. Once you have had some experience using a computer there always questions you want answered.

  • Why does my email sometimes disappear?
  • I don’t understand what to do when I’m told to update.
  • Can I be sure my card details are safe?

These and many more can be included in this series of lessons. You decide what you want to ask and I can suggest others you may have forgotten or may not know about. And you will learn how to find some of the answers yourself.

You will also learn how to do things with email and the internet more efficiently. In others, you will try to undo any bad habits you have picked up.

  • The course runs up to three session. Each session lasts 90 minutes.
  • The whole course costs £120.00. Each session costs £40.00 and you can pay at the end of each session.
  • You can opt to do only one or two sessions if you like.
  • Sessions can be conducted online.

Before we start I will make an appointment with you to assess your experience and decide if your computer is suitable. This meeting is free of charge.

You may only need a short session to sort things out. Why not try booking an online support session?

Call me on 0131 554 5735 for a chat or send me an email. Take me back to the other courses I can learn at home.