Online Support

Did you know that it’s very easy to set up your computer so you can have an online support meeting with me? This allows me to look at your computer and even take control of it, with your permission. Any problems you’re having can be quickly and easily remedied.

There are various ways of setting up your computer for an online meeting, and the easiest is to use a program called Crossloop. You can download it from with no charge.

A microphone allows us to talk to each other. If you have a microphone as part of your computer setup – most modern laptops do – then all well and good. However, we can also talk to each other using our phones, particularly if you have a portable phone that has a speaker facility. This allows you to hear what I’m saying, while the phone lies by your computer.

So if you’re interested, let me know by email and we can fix a date and time and agree a fee in advance. For the moment, I’d prefer it if you lived locally – in Edinburgh or the Lothians – and have been a client of mine in the past. And Crossloop is only available for Windows computers.