Database Design and Management

Offering complete database design and management solutions for complex business needs.

  • Are you a small business or organisation looking for a better way to handle your data?
  • Have you been looking for a solution which replace your spreadsheets?
  • Have you found that other solutions are not flexible enough to suit your particular requirements and that the cost is prohibitive?

I can offer a complete database design and management service using Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. I have several years experience designing and building databases and spreadsheets for various arts and heritage organisations in Edinburgh. I have a post-graduate certificate from the Open University on relational databases.

I will interview you and your employees to find out what’s the best thing to do based on these requirements – usability, security, sustainability and cost:

Usability: will the software do what is required of it? Can existing software be used? Are there suitable licence-free alternatives? How much ‘modelling’ would be required? How much training will be needed to get the best out of the solution?

Security: are there any issues surrounding commercial and Internet security. Can the software be password protected to give employees appropriate access rights?

Sustainability: Is the existing or new software going to run into ‘upgrade’ problems in the future? Will it be transferable from one platform to another? Who owns the modelled software and how is it maintained?

Cost: is there a one-off charge or will a maintenance fee be considered?

A full report will be produced with all costings and a timetable for implementation including any training.

My fees vary depending on the size of the company and are always open to negotiation.

Call me on 0131 554 5735 for a chat or send me email.