Time for some housework

There’s not many of us who like to do housework. It’s the routine that gets me down, and living in the city means that dusts accumulates very quickly after you’ve finished.

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When it comes to cleaning, computers are like houses. They can’t clean themselves. Computers use all sorts of system files to run on a day to day basis, and sometimes they leave behind remnants of these files which accumulate like crumbs down the side of a sofa. You don’t know they’re there until you lose some change down the side and you find the remains of all those snacks you’ve had. It’s also like driving your car around the city and rarely getting above 40mph. The result is a sluggish engine, until you give it a good blast on the motorway. Well your computer will also start to slow down over time, unless you do some housework on it.

Windows has a useful cleaning tool and you can clean up unwanted internet files in your browser, but there is an application that will do both jobs at the same time, and it does it more thoroughly. The program is called CCleaner. Note the double ‘C’. The first refers to your hard drive (lettered ‘C’) where all the computer’s system files are stored. CCleaner will not touch your emails, pictures and any documents you’ve saved. It’s only interested in the files your computer uses – its system files.

If you’ve never used CCleaner before, I’ve made a short video on how to download and install it (it doesn’t work on Apple Macs or iPads). Click here to view it. The procedure is very straightforward, but you may want to watch it a couple of times before you take the plunge.

For those of you who already have CCleaner installed, this is a timely reminder to do some cleaning. So run it now. CCleaner is being constantly updated, so always agree to updates when you’re asked, and follow the steps in the video. Updating CCleaner is just like installing it.

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